Wine dating quebec

Even in central Quebec, at comparatively southerly latitudes, winters are severe in inland areas.The wine doesn't have a real expiration date, buy all wines have a intrinsic expiration date, and it is asociated with the quality of the wine (meaning grapes and process used) and how it was handle before, during and after it's harvest and production process.I am not looking for any online relationships but only someone to talk to.I've spent most of my life laughing, smiling and making others smile and laugh, I am very gifted at this.

So the intrinsic expiration date of the wine, has so many factors to define it, that the way that you could garantee (not alwas perfect) that you are buying a good wine for a good price, that hasn't reach it's expiration date, it's to buy it in a place that knows about wine or/and handle carefully the bottles of wine.

The year off harvest is the year that says the label of the bottle.

There are some wines that have to be drink young (in the first 3 years after harvest), specially those that haven't been in casks. If a wine during it's production process was casked for a period of time (from 3 moths to 36 or more months).

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