Who is iman shumpert dating

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While their love story sounds more like a cuffing-season dream (she helped nurse him back to recovery after a serious basketball injury, with the couple eventually getting engaged and having a baby girl named Iman Tayla "Junie" Shumpert), the pair's chemistry in real-life cements that they are best friends, first and foremost.

While neither have confirmed the rumors, both of them have shared various photos on several social networking sites, leading many to believe they are indeed more than friends.

Varner, who’s debut album boasted the Grammy-nominated song “Refill,” added more fuel to the fire recently by posting a filtered-photo of two hands in the sand on her Instagram.

In an interview this summer with Vibe, she explained: Making a relationship public draws a lot of scrutiny.

It makes you think about something you were never thinking about before so I don’t know if I would advocate public relations to folks but hey, it is what it is.