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Disable Database Updates The database will be opened read-only, and no updates will be performed as files are edited. However, as edits are made, the data will become stale, and you'll get incorrect results.This is something that I have noticed when compiling (G)Zdoom and I was just wondering if anyone can tell me why this happens.

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I’ve talked about Intellisense some time back and I basically did something similar to my copy of by providing a few key functions with Intellisense markup.I updated to 0.10.10 today, hoping to try out the new Java Script support with Salsa.Unfortunately, my Intellisense has stopped working. I am using type definition files from definitely typed (e.g. For example, using 0.10.8: var exp = require("express"); exp.If I update the code on my machine from the SVN repository, then start Visual C Express, it "updates intellisense" (which, as far as I can tell is a sort of database of the files in a project? Then if I hit compile without doing a clean/rebuild, the files which were part of the updates (and, from what I can tell, sometimes files depending on the files in the update) get compiled.Once the compile is done, intellisense updates again and if I then hit F7 to compile again, a whole bunch more files get recompiled.eg, with the most recent commit (r1465) the only file updated was p_