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I know) Artamis (Not sure for Hotaru) Andrew Pegasus Michelle Melvin Although it was just an idea, I'm only good and comeing up with what happens in the story, not anything else -__-, but I can draw I know but there aren't choices like this lol. I've noticed you can only "date" or court one at a time. I currently do not have a sprite maker, if anyone can show me one I'd enjoy that please and thank you But do you think it's possible to make the sailor moon dateing game like True love? When a character is talking get a small picture of them when they speak. t=337 Has links to some h-sites, especially has a HUGE archive of h-pics, updated frequently. I doubt I'll put her in the game due to the fact that may be pushing it) oh -_- *feels kind of bad* yeah you are right, it was more or less a question and I wasn't sure if it would work. If you know anyone who works well in photoshop I'll give them scatchs ^__^This game might actually need a team of people.... Lol XD that my friend would depend on your drawing style, and everything. I'd give you that Serena would look out of place, but the rest of them would fit fairly well. But she kinda scars me, maybe if I make a sweeter verion of mer.

I wanted to make a game were you can court more then one at a time (maybe not on perpose unless you're a louse like that XD in which case one of them would get angry with you XD) It would be a pretty in debth game. I've never used that program so I wouldn't know XD okay I was surpized I haven't seen rippable sprites here yet. I have seen at least one person do this, but I can't figure it lets clear us the silly misunderstanding currently using RPG Maker XP or as you call it RMXP There is another game program I thought you were talking about called RPTS (I could be wrong on that I'm not sure it's been almost 3 years sence I've seen it) But yes I'm useing RMXP for a differnt game not the dateing sim one For the dateing sim I don't think the RMXP can handle it, I could be wrong. I'm going to look into what they use of the dateing games alreadly listed, or I could just change the script... XD) 3 powdered donuts (sees Vash come out of no were) (now for the things I need for the game XD) 1. I am so scared of the viruses, so afraid so very afraid *tremble tremble* that I haven't seen any good H pics of anyone like I did in True Love... There are so many of them that even if you're a straight girl to the core, they might... I may use Renpy for the programe I think that's what they used in the ones that have already come out. mina looks like the rich person or the cat angel girl Amy looks like chami the sporty one Trista looks like Yumi the teacher Reini looks like Arisa (that sister of that gay guy you can get... Pretty Lady, Light Lady, Angel Lady, Holy Lady, I'll have to draw it up sometime ^__^.

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Pokemon Gaia Version, beta 2, Review I have to say, I really enjoyed this game.

On the surface, its a well made hack of Fire Red, however the story drew me in like few other Pokemon Hacks have. was the first game that I got for the Magnavox Odyssey 2. I love Space Invaders, when I seen this game I just had to have it.

You'd most likely play as a random guy that was never shown in the series. ) That allien guy during the doom tree saga...(ahh his name is on the tip of my tounge and I can't remember it XD) oh I remember Allen But you get the point.

Grils to get Serena Lita Ray Mina Amy/Ami Luna (secert character, and you see her human form later after you save her from the rain in her cat form.) Hotaru Miss. XDSame and I'm a girl XD I'm curently working on a game, but I need a person to make my main character's sprite. I need the sailor moon sprites and a side battle system like in final Fantasy. (Usually they come with the instructions anyway, and if not, you usually create a new script "page" to put in the addons to existing classes or new classes.