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In 2011, Matt wrote up a great article describing phishing I’ve never been a fan of fishing, myself. If you’re educated on simple ways to spot a phishing attack or some other email fraud, you will be able to fully protect yourself.

This is mostly because of an early expedition where my cousin managed to catch two fish while I caught zip. There’s no software that’s going to do this for you.

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We could speculate that this shift from spam to phishing represents that phishing emails are more effective in getting email users like you or I to click on a link and give up our private information to these scam artists.

Here at MUO, we’ve covered phishing quite a bit, considering that it’s such a significant and growing security threat. A sophisticated phishing setup is teaching the world another online security lesson. If there’s a single message to keep in mind here, it’s this — the number one defense against phishing is education.

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