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He is remembered as a cultural icon of teenage disillusionment and social estrangement, as expressed in the title of his most celebrated film, Rebel Without a Cause (1955), in which he starred as troubled teenager Jim Stark.

The other two roles that defined his stardom were loner Cal Trask in East of Eden (1955) and surly ranch hand Jett Rink in Giant (1956).

The show is expected to go head-to-head with Saturday Kitchen on BBC One, which Martin quit last year after a decade at the helm.

Speculation around his decision to leave the show was rife, with some suggesting he had been 'blocked' by BBC bosses for taking on a role on the revamped Top Gear.

Martin said in a statement today: 'Being back on Saturday mornings feels really exciting, not a day has gone by in the last year without someone asking me if I'll be back at that time!

'But it was really important to me to do things differently…

Described by a biographer as part scientist and part artist, He is the first person to do this in a solo descent, and is only the third person to do so ever.

His parents were of mostly English ancestry, with smaller amounts of German, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh.

Six years after his father had left farming to become a dental technician, Dean and his family moved to Santa Monica, California.

' He later added: 'Chuffed for team who work so hard & for the kind viewers for their support over the last 23 yrs! ' The news sparked a flurry of excited tweets from fans, many of whom were left heartbroken after Martin left Saturday Kitchen last year. Not the same since you left.' Saturday Morning with James Martin will see the chef joined by celebrity guests while he whips up recipes from around the world in the comfort of his own home.

The show will be pre-recorded, marking a departure from the live TV of Saturday Kitchen.