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What sets them apart from the rest of the men you've dated in the past?

Every nationality and heritage has its perks, quirks, and flaws, but what about Italian men?

I didn’t understand that at first, only later.” The same news website reported that Father Contin was on holiday in Croatia, where his family visit yearly.

It quoted city mayor Paolo Tonin as saying: “They are also trying to protect him from the clamour of this story that has now gone national.” Father Contin has not been arrested but a prosecutor was investigating the allegations.

He is accused of farming out some of his lovers to men on wife-swapping websites, according to Complaints were reportedly first made to the local bishop last summer but church authorities did not police, saying they had not yet completed their own investigation.

One 49-year-old church volunteer, who says she had an affair with Father Contin and had sex with him in the rectory, told : “There were a lot of women hovering around him.

Catholic Father Andrea Contin, a parish priest in the northern city of Padua in Veneto, is under police investigation on suspicion of living off immoral earnings and psychological violence.

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Ruled by passion, Italians are - like their beloved Mount Etna - constantly ready to erupt.

Your relationship will likely be unpredictable and have more peaks than the Dolomites.

Luckily after every raging argument over who put too much salt in the pasta, you get to make up.