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Evan the traveled to Dallas to support Nastia at the US Nationals last August.

Nastia was on hand to watch Evan win gold in men’s figure skating during the Vancouver Games last week — becoming the first person to do so in 22 years.

“To see his dreams come true was amazing,” Nastia explained.

“Even though we’re not in the same sport, we got to connect at the same level because there’s nothing like the Olympics. If I’m having a bad day, she tells me to have faith and to keep going.

That being said, his goal is to be the pop culture guru of Canada. But about a person's sex life, or private life we Canadians don't care.

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Lysacek was named second alternate to the US team to the cite news |first= |last= |authorlink= |coauthors= |title= PLUS: FIGURE SKATING; U. cite web | title =ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2nd event in Phoenix (USA) Cancelled | work =International Skating | publisher =International Skating Union | url = accessdate =2007-03-12 cite web | title =Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2001, Ostrava (CZE) | work =International Skating | publisher =International Skating Union | url = accessdate =2007-03-12 In the 2002-2003 season, he once again won medals on the Junior Grand Prix circuit, qualified again for the Junior Grand Prix Final, placed in the top ten at the U. Championships and competed at the , his first senior international competition, and was placed on the 2003 Junior Worlds team.Only problem is that Canada is so small, compared to the US, we just don't have that type of star system. No I admit he hasn't been great in the whole global warming issue, but when it comes to ANY legislation involving GLBT issues, he has been consistent. There have always been rumours about PET but nobody knows...unless someone manages to finally dreg up a trick.[italic] The resulting sexual angst and confusion caused Trudeau to fear he might be homosexual.He began to see a psychoanalyst, who told him he was not gay and that a good Catholic marriage would solve his sexual identity problems.Lysacek landed his first clean triple axel jump of his career in the qualifying round of that competition and his second clean one in the free web | last =Walsh | first =Brenna | title =Lysacek Wins Double JGP Gold, Heads to JGP Final | work =US Figure | publisher =U. | work =| publisher =United States Olympic Committee | date =January 9, 2006 | url = accessdate =2007-03-12 cite web | title =Lysacek Withdraws from Grand Prix Final and Marshalls Challenge Due to Injury | work =US Figure | publisher =U. Unable to practice, he stayed in bed at the Olympic village, receiving fluids from IVs. id=37002 | accessdate =2007-03-12 At the 2007 National Championships, he performed his first clean short program all season, then went on to land his first clean quadruple jump in competition, quadruple toe loop-triple toe loop jump, in the long program, to win his first national title.After considering withdrawing, he decided to skate the next day and went on to skate a career best free skate. id=33467 | accessdate =2007-03-12 cite web | last =Zanca | first =Sal | title =Evan Lysacek Injured at Grand Prix Final | work =US Figure | publisher =U. [cite web | last =Wojdyla | first =Michelle | title =Lysacek Electrifies Spokane Arena to Win Gold | work =US Figure | publisher =U. Figure Skating | date =January 27, 2007 | url = News/012707Lysacek Wins | accessdate =2007-03-12 ] A week later, Lysacek competed in the ISU Four Continents Championship.