Eclipse crashes updating maven indexes

The problem is the version of GTK 3, shipped with 16.04. Open a terminal and then type My recomendation is that you install Eclipse Mars from the webpage: release=mars But first you have to install java8 (not java9 because Eclipse Mars doesn't work with that version).In Ubuntu you can do this with: sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre openjdk-8-jdk And then ..In this article we will see how to sett up the new Vert.x MQTT client.WARNING: If you use Ubuntu, see Installing Eclipse on Ubuntu.If you try to install eclipse manually (as stated in these instructions) you may end up in a situation in which it seens to not work or to work erratically.The reason is three maven plugins which are used by Open Day Light but are not integrated into Eclipse: maven-plugin-plugin, karaf-maven-plugin and maven-antrun-plugin.

For completing this guide I have used the first one. If you would like to learn more about Vert.x MQTT client API then check out the full documentation and more examples.

Eclipse is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which provides a single pane of glass for developing and debugging source code, and is a framework for building, deploying and managing software across the software lifecycle.

The Developers Edition version comes with all the Git tools, which is not included in the Classic version.

These are X.509 v3 certificates you use to authenticate a client application that uses the Service Management API to act on behalf of the subscription owner to manage subscription resources.

I did a clean install of 16.04 and installed Eclipse.

Eclipse crashes updating maven indexes