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While plenty of anecdotal evidence exists to support the theory that television reflects and impacts changing values in society (), ad agency Leo Burnett set out to examine just how evolved media portrayals of modern relationships have become over the decades, through their latest study, Humans Being: Relationships.Through an interactive infographic, the agency examines relationships in television, and how they’ve pushed the bounds of promiscuity over the last 60 years.While the data by no means paints a statistically perfect picture – the infographic spans just 68 shows over the last 64 years – it does take some of the most notable examples, especially those from the ’50s through the ’80s on network television.

Today, I came across a fun video that shows how fitness has evolved over the last 100 years. I hummed my way through the next day, swatting aside the doubts that bubbled up whenever I pictured Mike’s photo. No matter what you tell yourself (or each other) before you walk in, a date is freighted. It took me the longest to accept that there is pressure on a first date, regardless of whether your would-be partner assures you otherwise.Thus far, I’ve had maybe 50 or 75 exchanges with potential suitors, each interaction fizzling within days or hours. We can talk over coffee in paper cups that either one of us can toss in a bin if the rendezvous goes sour.While individual moments have been fun, the process is stressful, regardless of whether I’ve been the fizzler or the fizzlee. Including a nonromantic element has certainly tapped the brakes on the dating train.