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He wrote this during imprisonment and in the context of discussing a problem arising in the church at Philippi. This is the place to find peace in Jesus — to find joy in miserable moments.

Last week’s post covered having the mind of Christ and how — while it’s no simple task — it has everything to do with our spiritual growth. Desiring to have the mind of Christ and truly (attempting) to walk the walk does not keep trials from entering our life.

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We began a journey which led us to our engagement yesterday. Ravi and I connected instantly and talked for 5 hours. One month later, we met on an ordinary Saturday in Indiana.

De producten van de Tectaneshop zijn niet alleen toepasbaar in autoschadebedrijven, maar doen ook dienst bij onderhoud en schade reparatie aan .

We talked through Dil Mil for a month before we finally decided to meet each other on Memorial day last year.

4 months ago my now fiance found me through Dil Mil.

After years of trying to find love, countless dates, and failed attempts to find the perfect person in life, along came the Dil Mil app.

We both decided it was worth a shot and hit the bullseye right on the target.