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To edit an existing row in a Data Table, you need to locate the Data Row you want to edit, and then assign the updated values to the desired columns.If you don't know the index of the row you want to edit, use the Applications that use data-bound controls typically add new records through the Add New button on a Binding Navigator Control.If you aren't using data-bound controls, then you have to manually call the Update method of the same Table Adapter (or data adapter) that you used to populate the dataset.However, you can also use different adapters, for example, to move data from one data source to another or to update multiple data sources.

The order of command execution will also follow the indices of the .Note In Windows Forms, the data-binding architecture takes care of sending changes from data-bound controls to the dataset, and you do not have to explicitly update the dataset with your own code.For more information, see Windows Forms Data Architecture. When saving data in related tables, Visual Studio provides a Table Adapter Manager component that assists in performing saves in the proper order based on the foreign-key constraints defined in the database.For more information, see method of a Table Adapter or data adapter, passing the name of the data table that contains the values to be written to the database.