Bobby deen is dating actress

A Manhattan judge skewered the former wife of celebrity chef Bobby Flay for hauling her ex to court for a pre-Thanksgiving throwdown over stale Food Network videos and inflated moving expenses.“These videos at issue are the flank steak crostini, flank steak guacamole and the grilled sweet potatoes? “Sounds like the kind of case that should be in small claims court,” Cooper told Flay, 50, and his ex-wife, “Law and Order” actress Stephanie March, 41.before being contacted by Digital Playground with a proposition to perform in a hardcore lesbian scene with Sophia Santi.The scene in question never happened, but, in August 2007, she met with several Digital Playground representatives and was asked if she would star in a pornographic movie with male talent. The first scene that she shot for them was for Stoya Video Nasty (promoted on the DVD box as the first film featuring her engaging in heterosexual intercourse), but her first movie released by the company was Jack's POV 9.

Early reports from the LA Coroner's office suggested that her death, which came in her sleep, was the result of substance abuse – although friends have since said that they don't believe that to have been the case.

Julie Halpin, a spokeswoman for Flay, would not confirm or deny the affair: “We will continue to refrain from responding to the continued efforts by certain parties to spread rumors and innuendo.

This specific allegation was in a letter sent from one attorney in this case to the other.

“This is not about the agreement, it’s not really about justice.

It’s about revenge.” Flay allegedly cooked his 10-year marriage with March by cheating on her with a young hostess at Bar Americain restaurant in Midtown.